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Year rental

Ostrea Vacances offers the renting of sites for a year which can receive Mobile homes or caravans. These sites have an area of 100 m2 maximum, surrounded by leafy hedges of different species. A renting contract is nominated and is valid for one year.
During the opening period of the camp site, the tenant and people whose names are written in the contract have the possibility to stay on their site.


The package price is fixed according to the area of the site. The price includes the licence fees
of the campsite, the access to the equipments, the electric connection for a power of 10
amperes, while the opening period of the campsite and only when the tenant is present.


 100 m² (environ), 4 personnes nominatives  2255 €
 120 m² (environ), 5 personnes nominatives  2685 €
 150 m² (environ), 6 personnes nominatives  3120 €
 175 m² (environ), 7 personnes nominatives  3580 €